Art by Konstantina

The theme of iconic women who influenced history by their actions is part of every culture. These life-size interpretations attest to the resonance of their stories still. Each painting tells a forceful and insistent story of the impact of a particular woman. The movement of the paint through the background and the figures echoes the action. These women are immediate and vital.

Konstantina’s likeness bleeds through each face in this series, sometimes very subtly. But in some cases her self-portrait takes command of the story being told. Because the paintings are life sized, the introduction of actual objects, text and embellishment rest easily in the compositions.

The series Soul of a Knight is an impressive statement of women’s empowerment and one woman’s contemplation of her life in art and history and a declaration of her own immortality.

Santa Sergio De Haven- Curator and Visual Artist - Artspace, Richmond, VA

Konst & Konstantina Konstantinov - Artists - Tappahannock, Virginia
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