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This exhibit of the Stations of the Cross (entitled The Root of Faith) works for us in a way much like reading the Gospels in the context of our time. A set of fifteen mixed media paintings, 25" by 31", oil, texture and drift wood on canvas panel, rustic frame, including The Crown of Thorns, 25" by 35", drift wood on canvas. The theme, The Root of Faith, is a reflection of our journey in faith. The roots used in the frames of these paintings were taken from the banks of the Rappahannock River where we now reside.

“Losing my religion”- One of the worse scenarios for a contemporary artist will be to find himself /herself in a box labeled: “Religious Art”. This was best described by the owner of a gallery in NYC hosting a show by a Japanese artist who illustrated King James Bible: “You can worship God, or you can create your art, but if you mix these two together you are setting up yourself for crucifixion!”

However the KonKons completed several church related commissions including a mixed media altar for a Papal residence abroad, and were awarded with silver medal by Vatican. Saint Timothy Church in Tappahannock embraced their generous donation of The Fourteen Stations of the Cross

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