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We believe Art is the key to the Eternal door. Doors to Heaven is an unique and original concept, of free standing paintings, that offer a magical journey to newly discovered grounds within the eternal art world. Building a link between painting and sculpture, we are not afraid to experiment with different processes and new techniques. Most of the time deep texture gently washed with oils is our language of expression. The relationship between the free standing painting and the environment is fundamental to our concept. Our works often are large scale and seek to impress upon the viewer some sense of eternity. From early figurative work, our paintings evolved to abstract visions influenced by both the Old and New Testaments. Real objects often are attached to our paintings, proving to the viewer important aspects of our ideas about the eternal contact between the real world and art.

"Timeless Journey" at the The Cultural Art Center at Glen Allen, Richmond, Virginia , featuring the best works of the Konkons 2001-2005.
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